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Highlights of Foreign investment in Spain in 2015

2015 began with the Government underlining its commitment to attracting foreign investment by announcing a 2% reduction in Corporation Tax and with a further 3% to be cut the following January. The general rate will therefore come down from 30% to 28% and to 25% in 2016.

Foreign investment kick started the property market in 2015, with a focus on large-scale operations, from apartment buildings and offices to shopping malls. Indeed, mall have been one of the leading performers. In the first quarter of the year, deals worth a total of 490 million euros from beyond Spain's borders were concluded.

In this context, in May, the US commercial property and real estate services adviser CBRE's Global Investors Intentions Survey ranked Madrid as the sixth most attractive city in the world for property investors, the result of a 98% growth in investment in 2014.

Meanwhile, the European Attractiveness Survey 2015 published by Ernst & Young highlighted Barcelona as Madrid being among the ten most interesting cities for foreign capital. Furthermore the North and South west areas of Spain are growing in this sector in an exponentially way.

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